Les formes de propriété

Become an owner

Les formes de propriété

Les formes de propriété

Sole Ownership

If you choose to become a "Silk Owner", your horse will run in your own colours. You can also:
- Lease a horse in its entirety.
- Be the managing partner in a partnership agreement of up to 20 people.

80% of applications are processed in a month

Shared Ownership

If you wish to choose "Shared Ownership", you can own a horse with a group of people and enjoy a shared adventure. You can have up to a maximum of 20 people per association. Each association must include at least one perosn who is registered as a "Silk Owner" - they will be the managing partner of the association. It is possible to merge multiple associations under a dedicated name and colours (as long as it is 20 or less). This allows multiple owners to pool together and enjoy the ownership experience as a group. It is also possible to have different people invloved in different horses which all race under one dedicated name and in dedicated colours, as shown in the example below.

Partnership Agreement

List of partnership contracts with name and dedicated silk

To join one of these partnership contracts, it is necessary to have a partnership agreement.

If you would like to add your partnership contract with name and dedicated silks, please contact : frbc@france-galop.com



80% of applications are processed in a month

Join or create a Racing Club

Join a Club with existing values, plans and members. Participate in exclusive events and live a full, friendly and exciting experience. Getting involved in a Racing Club is the best way to discover the world of racing by spreading the risk while also ensuring a certain level of competitiveness.