Our jobs

France Galop: the jobs that service the racing sector in France.

The spectacle of thoroughbred racing is powered by excellence and passion, and is the link that brings together all of France Galop’s employees.

From the training centres and racecourses to France Galop’s headquarters, the various different jobs come from the diversity and expertise needed in the racing world.

Our jobs on site

  • Racing Areas

    More than 1,800 races a year take place at France Galop’s six racecourses. To ensure the optimum racing conditions in a secure setting, the track, the surroundings and the green areas must be up kept and managed by experienced staff. The job of looking after the green areas and the track requires manual work as well as mechanical machines.

  • General Maintenancee

    The trades of electrician, painter, locksmith, and plumber are the main contributors to general maintenance. They ensure the upkeep and repair of the infrastructure (buildings, stands, etc.).

  • Engineering and Assistance

    The role of this team is to act as technical support on all the sites. It is in particular responsible for the coordination and follow-up during the major events that take place each year such as the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

  • Stable Security

    Before and after racing, horses are located in individual boxes organised by the on-site staff.  These then accompany the stable staff upon the arrival of horses. Teams tasked with the surveillance and security of the stables control access, in addition to being there to welcome and orientate, as well as give public information to outside visitors.

  • Management of training centres and racecourses

    In keeping with the racing calendar, the management organises and plans the functions that need to be carried out by their team. The administrative team is in charge of communicating with outside partners, controlling budgets and human resources in association with France Galop’s headquarters.

Our jobs at Headquarters

  • Running Racing

    This is at the heart of France Galop’s activity. Its objective is to ensure the smooth running of racing as well as to regulate it. They also create the racing calendar, take entries, preside over the rules of racing, and their application.

  • Administration of professionals

    Without the racing professionals: owners, trainers, breeders and jockeys, racing wouldn’t exist. It is for this reason that France Galop ensure the best protection of their interests. Their staff, in charge of communicating with these professionals, provide the regulatory, administrative and financial tasks specific to the field of racing.

  • Racing Logistics

    As the regulatory body for French thoroughbred racing, France Galop must be a model example from a technical point of view. The team that work under this banner must ensure that everything is in proper working order at all six racecourses as well as helping out with regional racecourses.

  • Marketing and Communication

    France Galop works to increase its fan base and make the races the place to be for the public, often organising prestigious events during the major race meetings. They are at the forefront of marketing, digital and commercial methods to gain new supporters.

  • Logistical support

    There to help out employees both at headquarters and on-site, dedicated teams in the technical, financial, judicial, Human Resources and general services are there to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day activities of France Galop and the future of racing.

Do you dream of working at France Galop? You can also write to us with an application at the following email: recrutement@france-galop.com