Obtain your agreement

Become an owner

Obtain your agreement

If you are a registered company

A registered company can apply to be an owner

For all your needs, please contact: 

Darius Zawiejski
Head of Licensing Department

If you are an Individual

Follow the steps below for the online application process. 

Please note that a paper version can also be provided upon request.

Step 1

To start the process online: click here

As a first step, you must create an account, in order to be able to complete your application. This account will be separate to your account on the France Galop public website if you already have one of those.

If you do not have the time to complete your application process in one go, no problem, you can save what you have done and come back to it later.

Once you have created your account, you will have the choice of different options

Step 2

Documents to provide

Whatever your request (associate, silk owner, lessor), the documents that must be provided are the same:

  • Piece of Identity
  • Proof of Address (dated within last 3 months)
  • Tax Notice - can be tax returns for previous year or a recent payslip (not required if you are a registered owner in another recognised country).
  • Bank Statement (including IBAN if applicalble)

Step 3

Choose your colours (for Silk Owner only)

Once your account has been created, if you are registering to be a Silk Owner, you must choose your racing colours. This is what will be worn by the jockey when he is riding your horse in a race. 

You have several options: 18 colours and 25 different patterns.


Step 4

Processing your application

The documents are processed, 80% of the time, in one month following the application.


Step 5

Validating your application

Once given the all clear by the Service Centrale des Courses et Jeux and by France Galop, we will contact you.

You will then have to fill out 2 forms:

  • To get your cards for access to racecourses.
  • To get your complimentary subscription to Jour de Galop (free for 3 years with your ownership application)