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France Galop’s website france-galop.com, that you already know because you are reading this article, contains all the official information on every horse and all of racing’s actors, as well as all the racing calendar, entries, declarations, past performances, and results. Directly linked to France Galop’s database, this is the ultimate reference for racing in France. You can also follow our news through a system of alerts, as well as see video replays for free, and keep informed of everything that’s happening.

Equidia is the French racing channel and shows live racing from Premium meetings through a monthly subscription on its website equidia.fr, or through its app Equidia, available on Google Play et through the Apple store.

Racing Press. Racing is one of the rare sports for which there are several newspapers dedicated to covering it. These include Paris-Turf, Week-end, Tierce Magazine and several others that report on the Premium meetings every day. They are available at newsagents throughout France. These cover both Trotting and thoroughbred racing, and they are sometimes not easy to distinguish between. If you are on holiday, we recommend you reserve one of these at your local kiosk, or download them through the internet.

Jour de Galop. For further in-depth and specialist information, the online daily newsletter Jour de Galop (jourdegalop.com), will allow you to follow everything that is going on in the sport when you receive it each evening. Race and sales reports, previews, news and editorial items are all an integral part of the daily content, which is ideal for keep abreast of racing in France and abroad.

TV. All the races organised by France Galop are shown live on Equidia Live, which is available on most cable and satellite packages. The channel is non-stop, showing betting forecasts on the major races of the day in the morning, and continuous live racing in the afternoon in all disciplines around France and abroad. These are all races that you can bet on with the PMU in France.

During the major events, Equidia Life, the equestrian channel, concentrates solely on covering the most important meeting of the day, which allows viewers to experience more of the atmosphere at the races.

Since the summer of 2016, the terrestrial channel LCI has shown the race supporting the Quinté+ every day. This daily appointment lasts around 10 minutes, and stretches to approximately 40’ when one of the 14 races of the EpiqE series are taking place. TF1 exclusively covers the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.