Sunday's meeting at Maisons-Laffitte moved to Deauville

17 July 2019

Sunday's meeting at Maisons-Laffitte moved to Deauville


A radical and unexpected degradation of the Maisons-Laffitte straight course in the early days of the week forced France Galop to move the meeting scheduled there on Sunday, July 21 to Deauville.

To open a safe course last Saturday and on Sunday despite the heatwave that has prevailed for several weeks, France Galop had no choice but to regularly water the course.

However, after a long period of drought (only 14.5 mm of rain in the last 30 days with temperatures over 30°C) that altered the permeability of the ground, and because of the specific condition of this site by the Seine river, particularly on the straight course, pockets of water have formed underground in places. This phenomenon caused a rise of the water table and the emergence of these wet pockets makes the course unfit and dangerous for racing, contrary to Saturday when it was in its usual condition at this time of the year.

Given this quick deterioration of the ground consistency and the dangerousness of the course, France Galop could not guarantee the required regularity conditions and moved the eight races of Sunday’s program to Deauville. Six races are run over a straight course on distances ranging from 5 ½ to 8 furlongs and only Deauville could provide a mile-long straight at this time (read the new conditions below).

France Galop regrets this situation beyond his control as it disrupts plans made by the participants and the public who had planned to come as many on the occasion of this "open doors" meeting at Maisons-Laffitte.

The starting times are unchanged. Access to the Sunday meeting in Deauville, however, will be free.

For any information about the reception of horses and horsemen in Deauville, please contact +33 (0) 231 142 003.


Due to the relocation of the meeting to Deauville, the program will be as follows:

  • PRIX ROI SOLEIL (P 710) - 1,600m - Straight course.
  • PRIX ARDAN (P 711) - 1,300m - Straight course.
  • DARLEY PRIX ROBERT PAPIN (P 712) – 1,100m - Straight course.
  • PRIX de BAGATELLE (P 713) - 1,600m - Straight course.
  • PRIX MESSIDOR (P 714) - 1,600m - Straight course.
  • EBF – PRIX DE LA PÉPINIÈRE (P 715) – 2,000m - right-handed round course.
  • PRIX de TIGERY (P 716) - 2,500m - right-handed round course.
  • PRIX SANS SOUCI II (P 717) - 1,600m - Straight course.


Probable starters’ declaration Thursday, July 18, 11:30am (French time, 10:30am in UK and Ireland).

Since the meeting is moved to another racecourse, horses withdrawn this Wednesday can be re-entered for free until Thursday morning, 11:30am.

Supplementary entries opened until Thursday 11:30am for horses not entered.