Socioprofessional elections 2023: Your personal voting codes have been sent

23 October 2023

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On Friday 20th October 2023, an electronic message containing the personal login details and passwords required to take part in the elections of the socio-professional members of the Comité National and the Comités Régionaux du Galop was sent. An SMS alert was also sent to around 9,000 voters.

A link to the voting access page is included in the emails and text messages sent out. This link will also be available on France Galop’s website.

The electronic ballot for France Galop's socio-professional elections will run from Friday 27th October at 9 a.m. to Tuesday 31st October at 12 noon (French time). 

On Friday 27th October 2023, the opening day of electronic voting, France Galop’s operator will send this message by email and text message as a reminder of the information and login details required to vote.

Socioprofessionals who have not received this information can send a message to: 

Example of an email received:

Example mail