Sanitary restrictions in respect of Equine Flu outbreaks in Europe

8 February 2019

Sanitary restrictions in respect of Equine Flu outbreaks in Europe

Boulogne, February 8th, 2019. - As a result of the diagnosis of several Flu outbreaks in Europe, the Stewards of France Galop have decided the following restrictions which will apply with immediate effect and until further notice :

1. When a horse trained in Europe has been entered to run in a race in France, it cannot be declared to run and run unless France Galop has received by email contrôles@france- at the time of the declaration to run a Veterinary Declaration in respect of infectious diseases. Blank Forms may be obtained from Service Contrôles de France Galop or downloaded here.

2. This Declaration will confirm that:

  • The horse has been examined by a veterinarian within 3 days before moving to
  • France and has shown no clinical signs of contagious or infectious disease in the 30 days preceding the race
  • No contagious disease has been detected in the premises the horse stayed in during the previous 30 days
  • The horse has not been in contact with any horse subject to a contagious disease within the 30 days preceding the race
  • The horse has been duly vaccinated against Equine Flu in accordance with the provisions set up in the French rules of racing.
  • A nasal swab sampled by a vet on the horse within 3 days before the race has been tested by an official laboratory against Flu by PCR with a negative result.

3. The horse must be accompanied at any moment where it is on racecourse premises and training centers by the original form.

France Galop will continue to monitor the situation and, in the event of any further deterioration, may introduce further measures, as appropriate.

France Galop Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr P M Gadot