Qatar Arabian Trophy for Fillies (4-year-old fillies) : Al Shamoos on top of the pack 

6 October 2018

Qatar Arabian Trophy for Fillies (4-year-old fillies) : Al Shamoos on top of the pack 


There was little suspense throughout the Qatar Arabian Trophy for Fillies (4-year-old fillies) (Gr1 PA). Al Shamoos (No Risk Al Maury) jumped to take the lead early on and then kept putting daylight between herself and the pack, not stopping to pose for the cameras at the post ! Joudh (Mahabb) weakened at the finish but won the race to be placed, coming in second. She made the right decision to stick with her stable companion Wadeeaa (Mahabb) who led the way. Al Shamoos had just changed her colours, sporting the silks of the Cheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed and was coming off a second place, beaten by Belqees (Mahabb), who came fifth on Saturday. Charles Gourdain, trainer of the winner, was clearly confident as his filly had been in great form this week. 


How they ran 

  • 1st- Al Shamoos : After travelling in 3rd place, she accelerated impressively to take the lead 300 meters from the post, losing no steam as she won with style. 
  • 2nd- Joudh : She sat in fifth place on the inside then made good ground in the home straight coming in 2nd
  • 3rd - Wadeeaa : Led the pack but couldn’t compete with the winner in the final straight. 
  • 4rth – Shomoos Athbah : Galloped at the heart of the pack but picked up the pace a bit late. She quickened confidently to snatch 4rth place.
  • 5th - Belqees : Stayed in 2nd but was slow to respond to the change in pace and faded badly. 
  • 6th - Al Namaa : Travelled at the rear, made a convincing effort at the right time.
  • 7th - Al Ghashamiya : Every chance, no extra. 
  • 8th – celeste de ghazal : Held up in the rear, faded badly. 
  • 9th - Ankaa Karim : Travelled in last and managed to weave through a few runners. 
  • 10th - Dabaad : Ran in the middle of the pack, on the inside, failed to pose a threat to others.
  • 11th - Rkaya : Spent most of the race in 5th place on the outside, faded badly. 
  • 12th - General Lady : Reached 6th place but then faded badly. 
  • 13th - Anood Al Khalediah : Fruitless attempt to come in on in the inside.



Christophe Soumillon (Jockey of d’Al Shamoos, 1st)

"I cracked down on Belqees who beat my filly last time. I thought she was going to carry me further down the final straight. I had to take the lead early, and to do what she did, proves she is truly « pure »."

Charles Gourdain (trainer of d’Al Shamoos, 1st)

"We are lucky to have 3 exceptionally good purebred arabians this year, Nafees, Rodess du Loup and her. Al Shamoos doesn’t cease to improve. She is a small, lightly built filly but with a big heart. I was worried she might be intimidated by other horses because this has been the case before. However, we have been working on this and building up her confidence recently. Christophe Soumillon rode her impeccably and she wasn’t phased by this. Thanks to the fillies of Cheikh Mansour, the race had a good rhythm so she ran well, breathed well and finished powerfully. I think she still has good room for improvement.”

Didier Guillemin (Trainer of Joodh, 2nd)

"She runs very well. She was seen to be a bit cold, a bit cheeky and not very keen. She was a bit testy but finished in great style even though she was beaten. We would like to go to Dubai, but could also take her to Toulouse. We haven’t decided yet."

Xavier Thomas Demeaulte (Trainer of Wadeeaa, 3rd, and Belqees, 5th)

"Wadeeaa ran very well. She was quick to take the lead because she breaks well. She is much better here instead of pulling at the rear. I was not sure whether she could hold out over this distance, so I was happy with her performance.  She is entered in Abu Dhabi and could well go. With Belqees, we changed our habits a bit and she settled. Both fillies are from the same stable and there is no point in them beating each other. She maybe took the race harder than Wadeeaa did at La Teste. She is entered at Toulouse at the end of the month but we will wait to see how she is when she comes home."

Philip Collington (Trainer of Shomoos Athbah, 4rth)

"The filly ran very well. Unfortunately she didn’t find a space at the right time. However, she kept on going till the end. In a better race, the jockey thinks she could have finished closer to the leaders, maybe even second. She is nominated for the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Jewel Crown (Gr1 PA), and could potentially go if she is invited."



Year         Winner                     Trainer                         Owner                                           Jockey                 Time

2018         Al Shamoos             C. Gourdain                  Cheikh T. Bin Zayed                    C. Soumillon       2’17’’57

2017         Muneera                   D. de Watrigant            Al Nujaifi Racing Ltd                   C. Soumillon       2’16’’92

2016         Naziq                        Mme J.-F. Bernard       Cheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed          J.-B. Eyquem      2’15’’93

2015         Sylvine Al Maury    Mme J.-F. Bernard       Écuries Royales d’Oman              J.-B. Eyquem      2’14’’62

2014         Loraa                        J.-F. Bernard                 Cheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed          C. Soumillon       2’16’’87