Open letter: Elie Hennau, Managing Director of France Galop

15 April 2024

Elie Hennau - Lettre Ouverte

Dear friends,

Today, on Monday, 15 April 2024, I will take up my position as Managing Director of France Galop. It is a day I have been looking forward to with great enthusiasm. Horse racing has been my passion for much of the past 50 years, as an owner, an amateur rider, as the son of a trainer and grandson of a breeder. From now on, I will combine my work with my passion as I join the France Galop teams, whose skills and dedication I have already seen on a daily basis.

On this first official day, I would first like to thank Guillaume de Saint-Seine, the President of France Galop, as well as the board of directors for placing their trust in me. I am committed to devoting all my energy to the horse racing industry.

Some of you already know that I have started to look into some key issues without waiting to take office. I made a point of meeting France Galop employees, who have both the experience and the skills in their fields. I have also talked to many industry stake-holders, many of whom have already shared their everyday experiences.
These initial contacts have strengthened my belief in the future development of horse racing. There are no shortage of challenges, but the France Galop foundations are solid and the industry has some genuine assets.  

Looking towards the future with France Galop, a strategic plan is currently being drawn up. The process started with a seminar that took place in March with the directors and the management of France Galop. The main themes that arose were then discussed with everyone in detail.

I am firmly convinced that solutions will come from everyone involved. To continue enhancing this plan, I will mobilise the skills of the France Galop teams, the directors, the industry stake-holders and the many volunteers.
Also, in the coming weeks, I will visit the different France Galop sites to meet the teams and industry professionals. I will also travel to the provinces to get a feel for the industry’s entire ecosystem.  

Then, in consultation with the President and the Chief Operating Officer, Henri Pouret, together with the support of the France Galop’s management team, we will determine the main focus areas of the strategic plan. The aim is to work on modernising our association and to develop racing for the benefit of everyone : owners and horses, industry stake-holders, volunteers, punters and spectators.

The Owners’ Plan, which culminated from the work done by France Galop’s Marketing Commission chaired by Charles-Hubert de Chaudenay, will be one of the main thrusts of this strategy. I will be one of the tireless ambassadors promoting this plan at every opportunity.
I look forward to working with you to shape an ambitious future for France Galop and racing. Our efforts are aimed at reinforcing the collaboration with our counterpart, the Société d’Encouragement à l’élevage du Trotteur Français (SETF). Together, we will strengthen the appeal of horse racing in France and contribute to the revival of the PMU and horse racing betting.

With gratitude and determination,