A new phase for the French Racing & Breeding Committee

6 December 2019

A new phase for the French Racing & Breeding Committee

In 2000, France Galop and its partners, including sales agencies, representatives of the bloodstock agencies, breeders and trainers, as well as breeding associations (AQPS and AFAC), created the French Racing and Breeding Committee (FRBC).

Its mission focuses on three main areas:

  • Providing customer service in France to foreign owners and potential clients
  • Prospecting activities abroad
  • Promoting the specific assets of France in the world of racing and breeding

In the context of the globalisation of the racing and breeding industry and in order to be able to meet the demands and expectations of foreign clients in France, which are steadily growing in numbers, members of the FRBC have decided to redevelop its current organisation.

Hence, the FRBC team, which is now headed by Clément Porcher, is now fully incorporated into the department of racing professionals at France Galop. The customer service for owners, breeders and foreign clients will continue to be developed to be “Your gateway to France”. The annexing of the teams in the France Galop department of racing professionals should also enable the team to make positive progress in attracting new clients abroad, as well as in France, especially since the partners of France Galop (bloodstock agencies, trainer and breeder associations and sales agencies) are the same partners of the FRBC.

The International clientele will be seeing a very transparent move. The FRBC will continue to work under its own name, but without an associative structure, which will allow to reduce the operating costs. The Inward Buyer Scheme (the reimbursement of travel expenses for foreign buyers at the sales) will be directly managed by the sales agencies. As to the associations, the FRBC will continue to be their partner in the promotion of their activities abroad. Hence, the link with the business activities of the industry stakeholders remains strong and will be tailored by a working group of former FRBC members.